4 Must-Known Steps for Attending a Trade Show


As we all know, people prefer to do business face to face because conversation is direct for both salesmen and buyers. In addition, people will gain more useful information about products with the least money in the shortest time, so attending trade shows to expand business is still a common choice for most enterprises.


There is no doubt that attending a trade show is good for enterprises, but it is only useful when you make good use of it. If you do a thorough preparation before attending a trade show by checking out the following tips, you might have a good return.

First, prepare your trade show booth. You should choose a good location – the place around the door or corner is ideal. And then choose the suitable tension fabric trade show booth design with attractive styles, easy installation, and light weight and good stability. And design your logo to make your products and/or service stand out.

Second, prepare your trade show propaganda. One month before attending an exhibition, you should begin your propaganda. You can use PR platforms and official websites to publicize your exhibition news timely. You can also use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blog etc to broadcast your messages. And send your exhibition mails to your customers and potential customers.

Third, prepare your staff for trade show booth. Train your staff in dressing, manners; Tell them to avoid eating and drinking in the booth; Always keep your staff in the exhibition booth. Allocate one staff in per 4 to 5 Sqm of space. Teach your staff to keep smiling and be enthusiastic to the visitors. And train your staff to well contact with foreign customers and make professional product introductions on the exhibition.

Finally, you should collect and organize the customer information after the trade show and send the thank-you e-mails to all visitors and keeping in touch with them.


3 Mistakes You Should Avoid in Preparing an Exhibition


With all kinds of trade show tips online, I believe that everyone is familiar with how to prepare an exhibition. Compared with the useful tips, sometimes the painful experiences in others’ exhibition might be more useful to you. So let’s find the 3 most common mistakes and if you avoid these mistakes, it will be easily for you to have an good exhibition, thus making a better return on your exhibition investment.

Mistakes leading to failure

First, cut budget in your exhibition equipment.
As we all know, it takes a lot of money to attend trade shows for every exhibitor, especially to participate in an international exhibition. So lots of exhibitors try to save money elsewhere, such as using old display booth, old or cheap carpet, cutting extra plants or subsidiary display equipment etc.

If you do anything above, you are making a huge mistake. The exhibition booth and everything in there is a reflection of your brand and company image. You can compare and negotiate the pricing with your provider, but you shouldn’t compromise the quality for cheaper products. Put a big investment in the right thing, and you can get big returns. Also you can save by changing a new fabric of your display booth with the same inner frame.

Second, bring wrong staff to your exhibition.
The staff is an important part in an exhibition. Professional staff can attract more customers to visit. Wrong staff may have the opposite results. Then, what’s wrong staff? They are people who are untrained in courtesy and professional knowledge. In an exhibition, the staff should learn to smile to everyone, introduce products fluently and listen to visitor’s opinions, suggestions carefully etc.

Finally, change your slogan constantly in the same subject. 
At a trade show, lots of exhibitors who have various products like to change their slogan in order to attract more visitors. But they do not know this is wrong and will cause counterproductive results. Why? It is not good for your brand building if you have too many themes. Selecting an unifying theme, and slightly changing in the slogan will be more acceptable.

So did you make any of the above mistakes? Try to avoid them and you may have a good exhibition turnout. And if you need some exhibition display equipment, you can have a look at Hawk display, which offers all kinds of TF TUBE display booth, portable display and all kinds of digital printing fabric for your exhibition.

The Right Steps to Find Suppliers and Buy Wholesale Products at Trade Shows


Throughout the years, trade shows and exhibitions have been an important launching platform for introducing and sourcing new products. They usually serve as the first way for buyers to find, network and select the right product suppliers with whom to do business. Marketing experts often recommend the use of trade shows or exhibitions as one part of any product-based business sourcing strategy.

According to the trade show expert Anthony Trollope, “Even with the prominence of the Internet as a sourcing tool to buy wholesale products, trade shows are as important as ever for building supplier partnerships and introducing new products to buyers.” Trollope is the managing director of The Wholesale Forums, a trade networking community and marketplace for suppliers and importers.


Companies will benefit a lot by meeting prospective partners face-to-face and focusing on agreeing to deals at the trade show. First, this will cut down on the back and forth communication that is spent via email or phone calls. Second, buyers visiting shows can ask in-person about every product details ranging from prices, materials to the logistics behind transactions. This interaction builds trust and solidifies relationships that can extend well beyond the event.

Here are some tips on how to leverage trade show participation to meet quality suppliers and buy wholesale products.

  • Do pre-show research – It saves time knowing who you will talk to once you get to the exhibition hall. A few days before the event, check out the profiles of all exhibitors and make a list on who you want to meet. A lot of exhibition organizers have direct enquiry forms on their websites, so you can make inquiries about the exhibitors.
  • Investigate suppliers – Using the list, research the suppliers you have identified. See if they have participated in past exhibitions. Then get booth numbers, product pricing and product information ahead or arrange meetings with suppliers incase they are booked up early by other buyers and competitors.
  • Think carefully about placing orders at the show – Do your homework to ensure you are fully aware of the purchase criteria and obligations, comparing pricing and delivery terms, then you can place wholesale orders at a trade show.
  • Review other exhibitors around – Try to walk the trade show aisles to see other exhibitors around before deciding to place orders with one.
  • Review your notes – See if you have gathered sufficient information about suppliers and products to meet your needs. With all these notes, you can contact them after the trade show.
  • Communicate after the show – If you have placed an order during the trade show, follow-up within three days of the event’s close to ensure your order has been processed. (And if not, you may want to consider changing suppliers.) If you have not made your purchase, then follow-up as appropriate and ensure you get the pricing, delivery and service you require.

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