Hawk Display’s 2 Highlights in Exhibition: Large Format Display and Poster Stands


The four-day exhibition, 22nd Shanghai Int’l Ad and Sign Expo ended yesterday. Summarizing the whole exhibition, the large format display and poster stands are two highlights of Hawk Display in portable exhibition display booth 545.



Among all the large format displays, lots of people were interested in LED roll up banner HK-V1x2 and ES-1. HK-V1x2 is a seamless combination of two single LED roll up and the added LED brow made it more attractive at scene. The double sided seamless display ES-1 can realize different large format displays due to the different combination of its PVC graphic panels. The L linked stand YC-L5FA*3 is also a popular large format display which were inquired by most visitors due to its cheap price and multifunctional display in either straight or curved style. And one customer bought it at the scene.

waterproof lighting poster stand


Besides large format display, many visitors were interested in poster stands, including waterproof lighting poster stand and plastic poster stand. The waterproof lighting poster stand combines the advantage of both water-based poster stand and glowing function as one. And the waterproof function demonstration even attracted many passers-by. As for plastic poster stand, it is liked by lots of customer due to its high-quality and economic price with good waterproof and windproof functions at road or beach.

In this 36m2 portable exhibition display booth, Hawk Display mainly showed over 20 products to customers, including 4 newest exhibition display equipment, attracting about 500 existing and new customers who are mainly from Europe and Asia.

Surely, as one of China’s leading advertising display equipment manufacturer, Hawk Display’s mini roll up banner, pop up display and hanging banner stand are also welcomed by some visitors in this Shanghai exhibition.


Introduction of Hawk Display’s TFTube Management Software


In the 22nd Shanghai International Ad & Sign Expo, as Hawk Display‘s flagship brand, Exhilite introduced its latest TFTube Management software. It is a 3D design and material management software to set up tradeshow booth for you. You can have access to interchangeable tubeware at any of our locations. The parts and accessories of our tubeware are global compatible. You can just simply bring your graphics and pick up the display tubeware at destination.

TFTube management software

And here are the interaction details:
1. Adjust booth size and choose the products in your preference.

software 22. Change the graphic to suit your need.

software 3
3. Varies selection of accessories to achieve your design.

software 4
4. Instant quotation and material list generated to better organize your order.

software 5

Are your interested in this software? If you want to know more, please contact Hawk Display’s sales.

Exhilite – Systemize-Simplified Exhibition Experience


As Hawk Display’s flag-ship brand series, Exhilite got a large booth in this 22nd Shanghai International Ad & Sign Expo, attracting lots of visitors in the four–day period. Systemize-Simplified exhibition Experience is our slogan and theme in this expo.

Exhilite booth

Many were curious about our latest TFTube Management software. In fact, it is a tool to help you design the exhibition booth you want and calculate the total pricing at the end. You can choose the standard products in the system and design by yourself. With this software and our global chain networks, you can contact your local office to order our products anywhere you want in a short time. We were showing this software with three computers and many were interested in the counters.

TFTube management software

Besides TFTube Management software, lots of customers took a lot of interest in our latest Ipad Kiosk display floor stands with security locks. 3D-200C, 3D-200D, 3D-IPAD120E and 3D-99CIPAD are different models of Ipad Kiosks with different functions. The model 3D-200C and 3D-200D contain both LCD screen and Ipad stands with synchronous screen displays. And 3D-99CIPAD is a reception desk with IPAD enclosure on the surface of the desk. As people are more used to IPADs and tablets, these models will become popular in the Exhibition display industry.

IPAD stand

Most of the products displayed in this booth are made of aluminum tube frames with tension fabric pillowcase graphics. Exhilite is a light-weight aluminum tube frame system. It offers a complete line of trade show display with numerous design models. We provide configuration flexibility with multifaceted components which facilitate different combinations and for future expansion. Washable tension fabrics pillowcase graphics slip over the frame structure to express a perfect display in trade-show.

To sum up, Exhilite had a successful show in this Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo. Many visitors plan to visit our factory after the show.