Future Trends of International Exhibition Industry


Since the 18th century, The international exhibition industry has been well received by many enterprises with its unique functional advantages. Looking back at the glory history of international exhibition, the commercial orders that enterprises achieved are just countless.

But in recent years, with the quick development of network technology and economic competition, online shopping has become an important means of business which gradually becomes a trend while the exhibition industry seems no longer ideal to bring orders.

Facing such a grim situation, we have to question that does it worth for companies to spend the high cost participating in the exhibition?  Will Exhibition industry be ending? As an exhibition service industry,will the Exhibition display equipment manufacturers continue to splendid?

Admittedly, the actual order and profits the exhibition really brought were a lot less compared to the past in recent years, and this made so many companies disappointed. Undeniably, Exhibition visitors are still neck and neck compared to the past visitors, On some level, we only can gain small profit from exhibition, but anything cannot look at the surface, in fact , the exhibition brings potential benefits.

Take our company Hawk display for instance, every year we have participated in many international exhibition, such as the Euro Shop 2014 , America’s printing exhibition, as well as the German Viscom. At this year’s Euro Shop 2014 and Exhibitor 2014, we received less orders at the scene compared to the previous exhibitions, but after the exhibition, there are a lot of visitors who made the orders with us. They said they saw our online products and they were very interested in them. And through later understanding, they found that we were in contact with each other in other exhibitions, so they believed in our products, services and finally choose us. Just think, if we had not meet each other in the exhibition, would they put a large order to us? Maybe not.

Of course, with diversified and professional development of international exhibition industry, the interest that exhibitions bring was a lot. At the exhibition, exhibitors can reach potential customers better, can understand the development trend of the industry better,so they can understand the latest technology better, communicate with other expertise better and promote their development. The visitors also will be able to get access to more suppliers better within a relatively short period of time, which saves their time and labor costs. During the exhibition time, all exhibitors will display their parts products which will help visitors see the products closely and learn about its features, quality, and trust the quality of products which will increase the opportunities for later cooperation.

In addition, participating in international exhibitions is also an indirect international tourism. To some extent, we can understand humanistic and exotic cultures better from Local country and other areas through international exhibition. At the same time, we can contact with foreign sincerely in order to develop their own foreign markets and their interpersonal relations. It also can create conditions for the flow of products across the region ,the culture, the nations etc.

So, in my opinion , the international exhibition industry will continue to develop, and as service industry for exhibition industry, exhibition display equipment manufacturers will continue to have growing prospects.


3 Key Elements to Attract Attention in a Trade Show


As we all know, attending trade shows can increase exposure for a company no matter how large or small. But first you need to attract the visitors’ attention. How to attract attention in a trade show? Just follow the three key factors below.


  1. Visual Impact on Trade Show Booth

The unique design on your trade show booth is very important as visitors are always curious about new designs. And with curiosity, I do believe more potential customers will visit your booth and increase the company’s exposure. Of course, to some extent, the novel design can reflect the company’s innovation and strong economic strength. This will make people believe in the company from the heart.

Take Hawk Display In the past Shanghai International Advertising Technology & Equipment Exhibition for example. Hawk Display was praised by many domestic and foreign customers due to its innovative Exhilite trade show booth design.


  1. Highlight Display and Demonstration of New Products

As we all know, there is no doubt that we will meet lots of competitors while attending a trade show. And it seems difficult to give customers a good impression with similar products. But highlight your new products and demonstrate their functions at scene are effective things to do. The demonstration will attract curious customers and increase their confidence in the quality of products. And this will also expand exchanges and cooperation in the future.

In this Shanghai exhibition in July, Hawk Display showed its new products electric roll up brow and waterproof LED light boxes in a renowned location, attracting many visitors.


  1. Visible Logo of Company and Brand

A simple and prominent logo is not only easy for visitors to recognize your company quickly, but also for them to find your trade show booth easily. At the same time, do not forget the link between your company logo and brand logo and remember to show them appropriately.

As we all know, Hawk Display is a professional portable display equipment manufacturer, and Exhilite is a flag-ship brand out of its four brands. However, in this Shanghai exhibition, the large booth of Hawk Display only showed Exhilite logo and made many customers doubt whether this Exhilite booth belongs to Hawk Display or not.

Hawk Display, A Strong and Trusted Enterprise


On July 3, Hawk Display continued to stand out from hundreds of advertising equipment companies and won the most trusted brand award in 2014 CSA China advertising Equipment Value List, which witnessed the strength and trust of Hawk Display again.


It is said that the CSA China advertising equipment value list is held by China advertising equipment industry association and Asia sign association CSA once a year. And which is committed to praise the best of outstanding individuals and enterprises that occupy important positions and have excellent performance and strength in advertising equipment industry.

Established in 2003, Hawk Display is a professional manufacturer and supplier of portable display system and module exhibition solutions. Over the years, integrity, innovation, and environmental protection are always Hawk Display’s eternal mission. Through the combination of strength and integrity, Hawk Display has gained a lot of achievements.

In 2006, Hawk Display became ten of the most potential enterprises in China’s advertising equipment industry and also became a member of the international exhibition. In 2008, it joined the association of Chinese exhibition hall. From 2011 to 2012, Hawk Display gained the vanguard of the exhibition industry enterprises, China’s advertising pioneer list of the good faith service enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province and the national cultural export of key enterprises successively. The General Manager Sun Xiaoqiu of Hawk Display was awarded to be the leading people in China advertising pioneer list.