Hawk Display Go to Las Vegas for Exhibitor 2015


Yesterday, a few sales people of Hawk Display began to leave Changzhou for Exhibitor 2015, which will be held in Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, and the exhibition open time is from 02 to 04, March 2015.

It is said, Hawk Display has participated in this exhibition many times. The Exhibitor 2012 and Exhibitor 2014 are classic examples of Hawk Display in recent years. And compared with the exhibition Hawk Display attended in last year, the whole booth design and the trade show booth display products for show in 2015 changed a lot.

The booth design of Hawk Display in Exhibitor 2015:

In terms of two purposes of Hawk Display in Exhibitor 2015, the display of brand products display and the propaganda of mature trade show booth design software, the portable, simple and environmental became the important points of Hawk Display in this booth design.

The trade show display products of Hawk Display in Exhibitor 2015:

Portable trade show display reception desk 3D-99AS:

Patented reception desk with patent No ZL 201320531822.3

Installation in seconds without tools

Easy to set up and transport with small folding pieces

Stable and Durable to display with stable aluminum frame

Changeable and washable graphics

Multi-functional trade show display case YC-11-X12:

Fashion design with large capacity in package

Can be assembled into a reception desk with graphic

Portable and easy to carry or transport with built-in wheels and handle

Made of high quality material, high quality

LED screen:

High quality with economic price

Suitable for all roll up banners and some other exhibition display equipment

Superior visual appeal with LED scrolling text in long- distance

Custom LED words


5 Tips to make your trade show booth stand out


What will become the primary concerning topic of exhibitors in trade show with intense competition? Maybe it is “how to make trade show booth stand out”. Summarize the good suggestion of specialists in trade show industry and the experience of Hawk Display,Hawk Display is qualified in saying that these 4 tips will make you trade show booth stand out well.

First, a good location

Having good location is key to standing out. High-traffic location has always been sought after by exhibitors: main aisles, entrances (without being too close to the entrance), ends of rows, and corner spaces to attract traffic from intersecting aisles are all highly-desirable locations. Also seek out locations that are two or three booths up the main entrance aisle. And the right side of the aisle is more advantageous than the left aisle when entering from the main doorway.

Second, a good design

Creative shape of trade show booth is attractive, full-sized, colorful, and clean graphics that cover the whole trade show booth will be eye-catching, and the business name and logo should be featured front and center. At the same time, light attracts attention, and can significantly increase the trade show booth display’s appeal, so when having a design, making a full use of lighting.

Third, interesting in-booth activities

Good in-booth activities can attract more visitors in a trade show. And there are lots of activities you can choose, such as putting a moving panel inside large tank of water, then make visitors dropping poker chips on in order to win a prize. You can also leading visitors to download your company app by giving some interesting gifts. It is also useful to create a live demonstration activity, such as a quality show though destructive testing and a function show of testing on products.

Fourth, good rest and store area

In trade show, we can not deny that there are some visitors interested in our products and want to know more information, so the area for chatting business is required. Surely, it is respect and friendly for visitors with a rest and chatting area where he can sit down. A booth that has a corner can store things is required too, so that we can store gifts or water for potential customers, and express our friendly. We can also store various brochures about our brand products and our company, and then give them to visitors, expanding awareness of company and products.

Skills to A Wonderful Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth design

It is not easy to gain a good result in a trade show,except having a wonderful trade show booth. And a good trade show booth always depend on a good design. But how to have a good design of trade show booth to make your booth stand?

There are three skills collected by Hawk Display, a professional advertising and exhibition display equipment manufacturer. And these tips are almost suitable for any trade show booth design.

Key 1: Eye-catching graphic design, including colors and message.

A good trade show booth designer will understand marketing principles and how to harmonize your message with your illustrative artwork, making the design visually appealing and effective. The color coordinated with the company is wonderful, surely, coordinated with the special theme is OK too.

Key 2: Design trade show booth space correctly.

Design trade show booth space correctly can help you attract more potential customers and expand business. If your trade show booth with enough space, the space for latest and popular products, for demo areas, for chatting and rest space etc is available. If you attend a trade show with little space, just focus on your top objectives, and make full use of them, because you don’t have room for all of them! But sometimes bigger is better. Having a big space can block out all other exhibitors.

Key 3: Make good use of lighting and TV

As we all know, light and TV have strong visual impact, which can attract people more, so don’t forget to use them to decorate your trade show booth. Surely, you can also use TV to display company’s strength, improving product fidelity and making customers have a good impression.

Trade Show Booth Design Software, changing styles of booth quickly


With this trade show booth design software, TFTUBE Management System, one new and professional trade show design software in trade show industry, you can design and change styles of trade show booth quickly. Then choose one as the best! And there are two ways to change styles.

First, changing styles though the combination of designed trade show booth.

In this trade show stand or trade show booth design software, there are full of all kinds of the 3D standard and nonstandard trade show display products, as well as lots of 3D models of booth accessories for rich trade show booth. Due to the most parts of whole designed booth are changeable and most accessories are for general using, so custom combination freely, you can design modern booths with various style. The optional booth size even added the optional styles of trade show booth. With the development of this trade show booth design tool, you can add or update 3D models to meet more need in future, and create more styles.

Second, changing booth styles by alter the graphic on all or part of trade show display products.

In trade show booth design software, all graphics on trade show booth display are changeable. When you designed the exhibition booth by this booth design software, you can choose the part of booth, and take a right-click, then select “change graphic” to alter graphics freely, to build different styles.

What’s more, this booth design software includes detailed quote of whole booth and remain quantities of trade show booth display of Hawk Display. With this information, you can build your stylish booth timely with the most suitable price.