Two important ideas for trade show booth design

trade show booth design, booth design

Creating a remarkable trade show booth is common pursuit of all exhibitors. And a wonderful trade show booth design depends on good ideas. Are you looking for the good ideas for your trade show display? There are two important ideas included by Hawk Display, and which maybe can help you well.

First, the use of LED light on trade show booth

If you had participated in some trade show exhibitions, you will find that the trade show booth with LED design always attracts visitors more. Due to our eyes is very sensitive to the light, the perfect combination of LED light and color even can inject the life and vitality to the space and objects, bringing different visual effects to others. In terms of different colors can bring different feels to others, so remember to use it carefully and make full use of it well.

Second, the creative shape of trade show booth

There is no doubt that creative things are always attractive. As for a creative trade show booth, the creative design on its shape is most important. How to achieve creative shape design? Maybe the different structure of booth is ok, such as the upper and lower display booth. Maybe the creative look of booth is ok, such as a variety of representational shapes. Surely, with creative software or intelligent systems support, it will be better.


Roll up banner stands: How to choose the best?

Roll up banner stands, roll up banners, banner stands

Roll up banner stands are one of efficient ways to convey information in trade shows, shopping malls, conference rooms, and then attract attention of target audiences. But just as there are numerous models of clothes, shoes in the world, there is a large variety of roll up banner stands too. How to choose the best one?

First, know the categories of roll up display banner stands well. For roll up banner stands, there are two main categories, one is outdoor roll up banners display, and the other one is indoor display roll up banners.

Usually, an outdoor roll up display banner stand with high quality plastic and water filled base, it can avoid the destroy in inclement weather, as windy and rainy day. With built-in handle of water base, outdoor roll up banners are easy to carry. Surely, the installation of this kind of roll up banner stands is easy too.

In type of indoor roll up banners, it is also divided into two main types. One is roll up banner stand with easily changeable graphic, and the range includes LED roll up banners, single sided roll up display banners, double sided banner stands, scrolling roll up banner stands. The other kind is not easy to change graphic, such as the folding roll up banner stand HQ-1 from Hawk Display.

Second, choose a trustworthy company with high quality roll up banner. A professional roll up banner stand supplier should have enough experience in design and manufacturing roll up banners.

At the same time, it is good for roll up banner stand supplier to offer professional graphic design services and custom printing work. As for high quality roll up banners, they often have a strong shell and manually spring in the base instead of spring made by machine. For good roll up banner supplier, they often provide optional spotlight and black package bag with roll up banner stands.

Need roll up banner stands? Hawk Display is a good choice with various high quality roll up banner stands.

Trade show Exhibition: Three skills to get more customers

trade show exhibition

To any exhibitors, there is no doubt that gaining more customers is an important goal when attending an exhibition. But how to get more customers is usually troubling them. What should be done for exhibitors to eliminate this obsession? Here are 3 skills.


Do propaganda well before attending an exhibition.


Before attending an exhibition, it is important for you to send out emails and invitations to your old customers and potential customers, and let them know your coming exhibition. Using social media to propaganda your exhibition is a great way to expand your customers and boost your brand awareness. Usually, facebook, linked in, and twitter are good free platforms to exposure your coming exhibition information. You can also use flick and youtube platform to exposure your company and products information by pictures and videos.


Carry promotional activities in exhibitions.


Carry promotional activity is a good way to stimulate the potential customers to buy your products. With the help of this activity, you can propaganda your products well, and gained many customers. At trade show scene, it is also a good way for you to sale your display products with discounts in case of the back transport capital and human capital.

Remember to contact with visitors after exhibitions.


As we all know, many potential visitors do not make orders at trade show scene though they are interested in your display products. They need time to think and do a contradistinction with same supplier companies. At the same time, it is not easy for visitors to understand your products well in short exhibition time. They need more communication to start their cooperation. So it’s important for exhibitors to contact with potential custom after leaving event, usually within 7 days. You can thank their time at the trade show and tell related information about the products they are interested.