Exhilite is Leading Us into A “3E” Era of Exhibition

Exhilite trade show booth

Exhilite, as one brand of Hawk Display, is professional in portable tension fabric trade show booth design and tension fabric trade show display manufacture, and which is expected to lead us into a “3E” era of Exhibition.

What is “3E”? It is “Easy design” Easy install” and “Easy delivery”.

Easy Design

With the support of mature trade show design software “TF tube management System”, Exhilite can offer all kinds of modern trade show booths renderings easily. Because of lots of 3D standard and nonstandard trade show display products, as well as lots of 3D models of booth accessories are in this software, so it’s easy for designers to choose components for designing their booth. At the same time, it’s easy to change trade show booth graphics by choosing customized graphic picture when you click right-click on 3D models. So anyone can use this professional design software easily, no training required and with short trials, anyone can design booths perfectly.

Easy Install

Most of Exhilite tension fabric display products are made of aluminum tube frame and fabrics. And all aluminum tube frames are easy to install without tools. Washable tension fabrics pillowcase graphics slip over the frame structure to express a perfect exhibition display in trade-show. Exhilite also can provide configuration flexibility with multifaceted components which facilitate different combinations and for future expansion. And most of them are matched with the “no need tool” design theme, so all tension fabric trade show displays are easy to install. Besides of aluminum tube frame products, Exhilite also offer some aluminum frame product, but which is also easy to install, such as folding trade show reception counter 3D-99AS.

Easy Delivery

With Hawk Display’s global chain networks in Germany, Canada, Dubai, USA, Australia  Hongkong etc, you can design your Exhilite trade show booths by yourself and contact your local office to get your own designed booth in a short time. In addition, you can exchange any parts of this exhibition products quickly due to our products are standard artwork.


No Install, this is Tension Fabric Counter 3D-99AS

tension fabric display counter

Will attend an exhibition? Plan a promotion activity? If yes, there is no doubt that you can choose Exhilite tension fabric counter 3D-99AS. It is absolutely your good choice due to it’s the most convenient trade show tension fabric display counter in the word.

It is not an accident of the birth of tension fabric counter 3D-99AS. As we all know, with the rapid development of our society, there is no doubt that more and more people pursuit convenient things and enjoy the comfort feels that convenient product brings. And there is no exception for exhibition and advertising industry, so tension fabric counter 3D-99AS no need tools to install is out. Surely, this can not do without the efforts of professional designers from Exhilite.

Now, tension fabric display counter 3D-99AS is a patented trade show counter of Hawk Display, and which can be viewed as the most convenient trade show counter in the world in terms of its folding frame design. When you need trade show counter, just open matched black handbag and take the fabric display counter which in a folding state out. Then you can get your needed trade show tension fabric counter easily by pulling the upper panel of fabric display counter lightly. When the exhibition or activity was end, you just need to press the upper panel with some strength, and after that, it will enter the original state. You can put this small piece to the handbag and take it away. It will cost you less than seconds during the whole progress.

At the same time, with modern look and back zip design, this trade show fabric display counter can show your brand well and store some small things well.

Tension fabric display counter 3D-99AS was invented by Hawk Display in 2014. And it welcomed by lots of customers in a series of trade show exhibitions of Hawk Display. In addition, this trade show fabric display counter will be show in SIGN CHINA 2015. If you are interested in it, just don’t miss Hawk Display in this September.