Roll up banner stands: How to choose the best?

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Roll up banner stands are one of efficient ways to convey information in trade shows, shopping malls, conference rooms, and then attract attention of target audiences. But just as there are numerous models of clothes, shoes in the world, there is a large variety of roll up banner stands too. How to choose the best one?

First, know the categories of roll up display banner stands well. For roll up banner stands, there are two main categories, one is outdoor roll up banners display, and the other one is indoor display roll up banners.

Usually, an outdoor roll up display banner stand with high quality plastic and water filled base, it can avoid the destroy in inclement weather, as windy and rainy day. With built-in handle of water base, outdoor roll up banners are easy to carry. Surely, the installation of this kind of roll up banner stands is easy too.

In type of indoor roll up banners, it is also divided into two main types. One is roll up banner stand with easily changeable graphic, and the range includes LED roll up banners, single sided roll up display banners, double sided banner stands, scrolling roll up banner stands. The other kind is not easy to change graphic, such as the folding roll up banner stand HQ-1 from Hawk Display.

Second, choose a trustworthy company with high quality roll up banner. A professional roll up banner stand supplier should have enough experience in design and manufacturing roll up banners.

At the same time, it is good for roll up banner stand supplier to offer professional graphic design services and custom printing work. As for high quality roll up banners, they often have a strong shell and manually spring in the base instead of spring made by machine. For good roll up banner supplier, they often provide optional spotlight and black package bag with roll up banner stands.

Need roll up banner stands? Hawk Display is a good choice with various high quality roll up banner stands.


Roll Up Banner Stands Display

roll up banner stand

Roll up banner stand is the perfect portable advertising equipment for showing your graphic promotions, and which is widely used in meeting, advertising display, promotion and trade shows.

But there is knowledge in roll up banner stands due to different roll up banner stands is different in its function and design. And the following are the main kinds of roll up banner in the word.

LED roll up banner stands:

LED roll up banner stand, which is created by Hawk Display in 2014. The LED bar design on the base of single sided roll up banner, which expand the visual impact of whole roll up banner. Due to its custom and changeable LED texts by blue tooth on Android phones, this roll up banner stand is welcomed by lots of exhibitors. With the development of roll up banners, the LED scrolling roll up banner stand is out.

Folding roll up banner stands:

Folding roll up banner stand is similar to the “paipai” trade show counter 3D-99AS of Hawk Display in terms of automatic folding frame, which can also install in seconds with an automatic folding frame. Due to its unique design, you can change the height to display from 0 to 200cm easily. At the same time, its width is more than 1m, so it will be good for your information display in any event.

Single sided roll up banner stands:

Single sided roll up banner stands are the most common roll up banner. With different shapes on bases, there are many kinds of single sided roll up banners. Some single sided roll up banners can even realize large format graphic display by connecting. And the style is custom, the linked seam is only from 0-4mm.

Double sided roll up banner stands:

Similar to the single sided roll up banner stands, double sided roll up banner stands are also mainly different in bases of roll up banners. In every case, you simply pull up one graphic banner, and attach the head rail to the top of a support pole, then pull up the other graphic banner to the top rail, the whole installation progress needs less than 1 minute. Most part of double sided roll up banners are with single base, but there is also a kind of double sided roll up banners with a joint base by two independent bases. At the same time, some double sided roll up banner stands is waterproof with plastic base instead of aluminum base.

Mini roll up banner stands:

Mini roll up banner stand can widely used in shopping centers, photo studios, product promotion, home decoration and personal image display. To a certain extent, it will show your information well with cute shape and custom graphic. Besides of single and double sided mini roll up banner stand, there is another mini scrolling roll up banners, which comes from Hawk Display, and welcomed by lots of foreigners.