Highlights of Hawk Display in January Exhibition in Iran

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The 12th International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Related Industries will be held in Halls 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11- Tehran Permanent Fairground from 2-5 January 2016. As a new exhibitor in this exhibition, Hawk Display’s booth No is 144. And the following are trade show booth and trade show display products of Hawk Display! Come to see!

Exhilite Portable Trade Show Booth:

The trade show booth of Hawk Display is mainly composed of three tension fabric backdrops.
With three different designs on backdrop shapes, the whole booth can stand out the professional artwork of Hawk Display in aluminum tube frame and tension fabric display well. All trade show display backdrops are easy to install in minutes without tools.

Including fabric printing, the whole booth price is less than $680

Folding Trade Show Reception Desk 3D-99AS:

The most portable trade show reception desk in the world

More perfect to display with luxurious wooden panels

Optional shapes and sizes

The price is less then $120

Fabric LED Light box display:

Novel display with black aluminum frame

Size in 72x180cm

Changeable graphics, and easy to change graphics

High quality, durable

Price is less then $350, including the graphic

Tension fabric display stand:

Tension fabric, no fade and no wrinkle

Perfect artwork, good to display

Easy to install and carry

Aluminum tube frame, durable

Price is less then $200, including the graphic

Trade show display case YC-11-X12A with dual functions

Packaging as a trade show display case or display as a portable reception desk

Black color

Easy to be a trade show case or trade show display reception desk

Price is less then $100, including the graphic



Trade Show Displays for Exhibitions & Advertisement


Many factors determine a successful exhibition. Among those factors, trade show display products play an important role to convey your company’s message. Hawk Display, one trade show display design and manufacture company that help businesses get the best displays for their upcoming presence at a trade show exhibition or a promotion activity.

Portable trade show display products:

In Hawk Display, a wide of trade show display category are available at cost-effective prices. Flags are some of the simplest and cheap methods of promoting and advertising in trade show and exhibitions. As an economical advertising display product, there is a very little doubt that any promotional tool could beat or even match what roll up banners can do. Pop up displays can give you eye-popping large graphic in quickest time. Poster stand is good for outdoor display. With built-in wheels and water injected base, it easy to carry and durable. Hawk Display can also offer all kinds of magazine holders for you with different materials.

Tension fabric trade show display products:

In terms of these features, like environmental protection, convenient and durable, tension fabric trade show display are welcomed by lots of people and which would to be the trends in advertising and exhibition industry. As a tension fabric trade show display leading manufacturer, Hawk Display can offer all kinds of tension fabric trade show stands, backdrop stands and booths.

Apart from giving your exhibition a professional look, you have the option of getting creative with your trade show display products. They come in unique shape, which enable you to mix your exhibition.

Fabric light box display products:

Hawk Display can offer a selection of fabric LED light box display with different thickness and styles. These light boxes use an energy saving LED light source for long lasting bulb life. Hawk Display use patented high precision connector to produce the high quality and polished framing system. The whole installation needs no tools. The graphic for Fabric light box display are customized.

Hawk Display:

E-Mail:      info@hawkdisplay.com
Website: Portable trade show display www.hawkdisplay.com

Tension fabric trade show display www.exhilite.com

Fabric light box display www.tfframe.com

Address: Marketing Center: Floor 27 Wantai Business Plaza, No.6-1, Longjiang Central Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

Useful Tips for Exhibition Booth Design

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Before attending a trade show exhibition, designing a wonderful exhibition booth is a process that utilizes all your capabilities. There are some useful tips for exhibition booth design, hurry to see and create your beautiful exhibition booth.

  1. Creative and unique shape of exhibition booths

Everyone like creative things and pursuit the novel products, so it is important for you to have an exhibition booth with creative and unique shape. There are lots of creative exhibition booths which collected by Hawk Display and you can learn from them well.

  1. Reasonable spaces design

There is no doubt that a reasonable space design can attract visitors to stay at your exhibition booth more. In exhibition booth, enough entrance space design is necessary and the chatting and sitting space for customers is needed. In addition, it should also be considered how much space is required for products demos. Surely, thinking of the good effect of store area, a suitable store space design in exhibition booth is necessary.

  1. Simple color and graphic design

The color and graphic you choose for your exhibition booth can help you stand out, as well as convey your message. If the color of your exhibition booth is matched your company brand, it will be better and which can give professional and deep impression to visitors. Clear graphic or simple words design on exhibition booth is better and which can make your propaganda core of brand or products stand out.

  1. Decorative lighting design

Creative use of lighting can help draw focus to your exhibition booth. You can choose a lighted exhibition booth with colorful lights to creative a beautiful, inviting atmosphere that beckons attendees. You can also add some simple lighting products or attracted LCD media to decorative the exhibition booth and attracting visitors. And there are some good examples.

See more creative exhibition booth design, welcome to visit exhibition booth design pictures of Hawk Display.

Two important ideas for trade show booth design

trade show booth design, booth design

Creating a remarkable trade show booth is common pursuit of all exhibitors. And a wonderful trade show booth design depends on good ideas. Are you looking for the good ideas for your trade show display? There are two important ideas included by Hawk Display, and which maybe can help you well.

First, the use of LED light on trade show booth

If you had participated in some trade show exhibitions, you will find that the trade show booth with LED design always attracts visitors more. Due to our eyes is very sensitive to the light, the perfect combination of LED light and color even can inject the life and vitality to the space and objects, bringing different visual effects to others. In terms of different colors can bring different feels to others, so remember to use it carefully and make full use of it well.

Second, the creative shape of trade show booth

There is no doubt that creative things are always attractive. As for a creative trade show booth, the creative design on its shape is most important. How to achieve creative shape design? Maybe the different structure of booth is ok, such as the upper and lower display booth. Maybe the creative look of booth is ok, such as a variety of representational shapes. Surely, with creative software or intelligent systems support, it will be better.

Exhilite, offer one-stop trade show display services

With creative technology and richness accumulated experience, Exhilite, one important brand of Hawk Display will be a good choose for your trade show exhibition, and which can offer one-stop trade show display services for you with 3 advantages.
Advantage 1: The support of world’s first ERP trade show design software
This trade show design software is professional in exhibition booth design, and can design all kinds of portable trade show booths quickly and easily. Due to its unique function on gathering information of trade show booth design, quotation and remain materials to build trade show display booths, it will be the best helper of exhibitors.
Advantage 2: Professional production on trade show display products
With years of professional production and tailoring experience, coupled with the support of many advanced machines, like imported 3-D bending machine, Korea high precision digital printers, Exhilite can offer all kinds of high quality portable trade show display products with vivid graphics.
Advantage 3: The support of Hawk Display’s global chain service.
With global network of Hawk Display in Germany, Canada, Australia, Dubai, USA, Hokong, you can enjoy our comprehensive dispatching service and installation service easily. At the same time, all Exhilite trade show products are durable due to all parts of Exhilite trade show display products is GM product, you can change any part of them easily.

Skills to A Wonderful Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth design

It is not easy to gain a good result in a trade show,except having a wonderful trade show booth. And a good trade show booth always depend on a good design. But how to have a good design of trade show booth to make your booth stand?

There are three skills collected by Hawk Display, a professional advertising and exhibition display equipment manufacturer. And these tips are almost suitable for any trade show booth design.

Key 1: Eye-catching graphic design, including colors and message.

A good trade show booth designer will understand marketing principles and how to harmonize your message with your illustrative artwork, making the design visually appealing and effective. The color coordinated with the company is wonderful, surely, coordinated with the special theme is OK too.

Key 2: Design trade show booth space correctly.

Design trade show booth space correctly can help you attract more potential customers and expand business. If your trade show booth with enough space, the space for latest and popular products, for demo areas, for chatting and rest space etc is available. If you attend a trade show with little space, just focus on your top objectives, and make full use of them, because you don’t have room for all of them! But sometimes bigger is better. Having a big space can block out all other exhibitors.

Key 3: Make good use of lighting and TV

As we all know, light and TV have strong visual impact, which can attract people more, so don’t forget to use them to decorate your trade show booth. Surely, you can also use TV to display company’s strength, improving product fidelity and making customers have a good impression.

Trade Show Booth Design Software, changing styles of booth quickly


With this trade show booth design software, TFTUBE Management System, one new and professional trade show design software in trade show industry, you can design and change styles of trade show booth quickly. Then choose one as the best! And there are two ways to change styles.

First, changing styles though the combination of designed trade show booth.

In this trade show stand or trade show booth design software, there are full of all kinds of the 3D standard and nonstandard trade show display products, as well as lots of 3D models of booth accessories for rich trade show booth. Due to the most parts of whole designed booth are changeable and most accessories are for general using, so custom combination freely, you can design modern booths with various style. The optional booth size even added the optional styles of trade show booth. With the development of this trade show booth design tool, you can add or update 3D models to meet more need in future, and create more styles.

Second, changing booth styles by alter the graphic on all or part of trade show display products.

In trade show booth design software, all graphics on trade show booth display are changeable. When you designed the exhibition booth by this booth design software, you can choose the part of booth, and take a right-click, then select “change graphic” to alter graphics freely, to build different styles.

What’s more, this booth design software includes detailed quote of whole booth and remain quantities of trade show booth display of Hawk Display. With this information, you can build your stylish booth timely with the most suitable price.