3 Recommended Pop up Stands for Trade Show


Hawk Display offers a full line of trade show display products, including many kinds of pop up stands. Among these pop up stands, Hawk mainly recommends these 3 pop up display stands to customers.

New SEG pop up stand YC-11F-J:

With novel channel bar design, New SEG pop up stand can make graphic fully cover the frame and the whole effect of graphic is better than others. The diameter of new SEG pop up stand is 12mm and which is thicker than others on the market so that the whole frame is more stable and durable.

Due to you can add led curtain for this SEG pop up stand, and the lumen of LED curtain is 33% higher than similar pop up, so that single light curtain can realize the effect of double sides effectively.


Fabric pop up stand HK-10A:

A fabric pop up stand can also effectively market your business or special event with a vibrantly printed custom fabric banner and an expandable aluminum frame. Due to carefully design on frame, the Fabric pop up stand HK-10A is stable and durable too. Because of the graphic on pop up stand is installed by Velcro, the graphic may not flat as the SEG one. But there is no doubt that this pop up stand is good for advertising too with cheap price and high quality.


PVC pop up stand YC-11G

With magnetic attracting picture technology, Hawk’s PVC pop up stand is easy to install too. The high resolution pop up display stands are printed directly to PVC panels, so the graphic is vivid too. With PVC panel, the frame can have a good stereoscopic effect. But compared with other pop up stands, this PVC pop up display stand YC-11G is heavier in terms of its PVC materials.

3X3 CurvedD Pop Up Display


How to get more customers?


Have a headache for this question, “how to get more customers?” If yes, you can have a look at this and there are four good ways to get more customers.

Research and development of new products
Everyone likes advanced products, and if you can research and design new products, you will get more potential customers. Surely, the quality of new products is important. You should do many tests to protect the perfect show of your new products.

Attend exhibitions
As we all know, exhibition is a good way to gather optional customers. And it is better for you to have a trade show booth at scene. Why? Due to exhibition provide a platform for you to showcase your products and services with best qualities. As we all know, beautiful words is less work than true products.

Using social media
This is a media age, and you will be out if you can’t use social media to propaganda your brand or products. And the types of social media is various, like “pinterest” or “flickr” platform which is focus on pictures trade show display; the “twitter”, “facebook” or “linked in” platform which is focus more on words convey. Surely,you can also use blogger platform or youtube platform to propaganda your brand or products with blog or video.

Adopt old customer’s suggestions
There is no doubt that lots of companies have old customers. When using your products, they will have some good suggestions more or less. And if they offered good suggestion to you, you can adopt it and improve your products. When you meet their more meet, they will thank you and recommend more customers to you.

Do 3 Things and Not Do 6 Things in Exhibition


Where you can chat with million of potential customers face in face? Where you can find more sale clues that your sales person maybe need spend one year to find? Trade Show Exhibition gives you a chance.

But for most exhibitors, they can not take advantages of trade show exhibition well. Attending an exhibition, usually these are 3 things that sales person should do and 6 things should not do in an exhibition. Do you do well with these tips in an exhibition? Just see the following and ask yourself whether you are follow them well.

Do 3 things in the exhibition:

  1. Keep enthusiasm.

Keep enthusiasm to visitors, potential customers will feel you are friendly and want to chat with you for more information of your products and make an order.

  1. Remember the name of potential customers and use it in communication.

As we all know, remember one’s name is respectably and kindly. If you can call he name in exhibition, you will give him a good impression.

  1. Different people take charge for different area.

For most trade show exhibition booths, there are some entrances and usually exhibitors display different products in different part. So it’s important for sales people to take charge for different area and which is more professional.

Don’t do 6 things in the exhibition:

1. Don’t look books.

2. Don’t eat and drink in the exhibition

3. Don’t make a call in the exhibition

4. Don’t give your brochure to everyone

5. Don’t chat with others whose booth is near your booth

6. Don’t get together