Patented Roll Up Banners of Hawk Display


As we all know, Hawk Display is a professional portable trade show display products supplier and whose products gained many patents. But do you know which are patented roll up banners of Hawk Display? Come to see with me.


First, scrolling roll up banner HK-3F

Patent NO.ZL20040068561   ZL200820032590.6

CE Registration No.:AN 50132136 001



  1. Compact design, convenient to carry
  2. Easy & fast to build
  3. Interchangeable graphics
  4. Optional spotlight
  5. Scrolling, good for more promotional information display


Second, outdoor roll up banner YC-15E

Patent NO.ZL200820032589.3/200830022391.2/200820040513.5



  1. Double sided graphics fixed on the waterproof base
    2. Different height display with adjustable pole
    3. Water base with wheels and handle, which is easy to carry


Third, folding roll up banner HQ-1

Patent NO.ZL200720046617.2   ZL200730184679.5


  1. Folding roll up banner stand
    2. Adjustable height from 0 to 200cm
    3. Easy to carry with built in handle
  2. big graphic size with 115x200cm




Large Selection of Portable Trade Show Booths


When attending an exhibition, there is no doubt that an eye catching & unique trade show booth will get more visitors. Compared with other materials, the tension fabric trade show booths with wrinkle resistant fabrics and portable aluminum tube frame are welcomed more.

And there is a large selection of portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can choose the suitable one according your taste based on shapes and functions of this kind of trade show booth. As a china leading professional supplier of trade show display products, Hawk Display can offer lots of portable trade show booths. And these are its main and hot sale portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can have a look and find the one you like best.

  1. Simple portable trade show boothPortable trade show booth1
  2. Portable trade show booth with archPortable trade show booth2
  3. Portable trade show booth with unique shapePortable trade show booth3

Hawk Display, leading supplier of portable trade show displays


Hawk Display offers a full line of portable trade show displays to rich your exhibition, such as roll up banners, poster stands, pop up displays, portable display stands, portable trade show display tables, magazine racks, tool free light box etc. With different kinds of portable trade show display, there are different advantages.

Generally, Portable trade show display roll up banner is the perfect indoor trade show display for showing your company information with lower price. But as the development of roll up banner, the LED roll up is an exception with its unique advantage of high visual impact. Due to all roll up banners is easy to carry and install. And with changeable graphic, it’s reusable, so it also widely used in meeting, shop, trade show and other places.

Portable trade show display Poster stands are good outdoor and indoor trade show displays with vogue and concise appearance. Due to most poster stands with opening aluminum frame, so it is easy to change graphic and reuse. At the same time, most of poster stands with water base as well as built-in wheels, so it is easy to carry and good for display in wind. With the development of poster stand, lighting poster stand is popular now.

Portable pop up displays are welcomed by lots of businessmen due to its unique functions in large spaces. Its large graphic is good for product promotions and displays and it’s easy to carry and set up with folding frames. Pop up displays come in a variety of sizes, with either graphic panels or fabric panels in curved or straight type.

Portable trade show display stand is a combination of aluminum tube frame and fabric. In terms of the unique feature of aluminum tube, it is easy to rich display by adding unlimited configuration on display stand, such as magazine panel, table panel, TV rack. Besides this, the changeable and vivid graphic of display stand, the quick installation without tool are booth of advantages, so it liked by many exhibitors in recent years.

Using Portable trade show booth display table to rich exhibition is also ok. In Hawk Display, there are three kinds of tables, pop up table, tension fabric table and plastic table. Pop up table made of fabric, wood panel and aluminum folding frame, tension fabric table made of fabric, wood or plastic panel, aluminum tube, and plastic table mainly is a production of hard carry trolley.

As a presentation tool of advertising materials, magazine racks can rich exhibition well. You can choose net, acrylic or aluminum magazine racks according the material of portable trade show display magazine racks. You can also choose by the store and display capacity of magazine racks, such as 3 layers, 5 layers, 6 layers or magazine rack with table etc.

Tool free light box display from Hawk Display can also deem as a portable trade show display. Hawk Display adopt aluminum and LED modular components with superb quality together with patented high precision connector to create the high quality, safety and polished light box display frame, and which can widely apply to trade show booth, exhibition hall, retail shop, automobile “4SW shop and interior decoration. And the whole installation process need not tool, so portable.