Large Selection of Portable Trade Show Booths


When attending an exhibition, there is no doubt that an eye catching & unique trade show booth will get more visitors. Compared with other materials, the tension fabric trade show booths with wrinkle resistant fabrics and portable aluminum tube frame are welcomed more.

And there is a large selection of portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can choose the suitable one according your taste based on shapes and functions of this kind of trade show booth. As a china leading professional supplier of trade show display products, Hawk Display can offer lots of portable trade show booths. And these are its main and hot sale portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can have a look and find the one you like best.

  1. Simple portable trade show boothPortable trade show booth1
  2. Portable trade show booth with archPortable trade show booth2
  3. Portable trade show booth with unique shapePortable trade show booth3

Do 3 Things and Not Do 6 Things in Exhibition


Where you can chat with million of potential customers face in face? Where you can find more sale clues that your sales person maybe need spend one year to find? Trade Show Exhibition gives you a chance.

But for most exhibitors, they can not take advantages of trade show exhibition well. Attending an exhibition, usually these are 3 things that sales person should do and 6 things should not do in an exhibition. Do you do well with these tips in an exhibition? Just see the following and ask yourself whether you are follow them well.

Do 3 things in the exhibition:

  1. Keep enthusiasm.

Keep enthusiasm to visitors, potential customers will feel you are friendly and want to chat with you for more information of your products and make an order.

  1. Remember the name of potential customers and use it in communication.

As we all know, remember one’s name is respectably and kindly. If you can call he name in exhibition, you will give him a good impression.

  1. Different people take charge for different area.

For most trade show exhibition booths, there are some entrances and usually exhibitors display different products in different part. So it’s important for sales people to take charge for different area and which is more professional.

Don’t do 6 things in the exhibition:

1. Don’t look books.

2. Don’t eat and drink in the exhibition

3. Don’t make a call in the exhibition

4. Don’t give your brochure to everyone

5. Don’t chat with others whose booth is near your booth

6. Don’t get together


Useful Tips for Exhibition Booth Design

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Before attending a trade show exhibition, designing a wonderful exhibition booth is a process that utilizes all your capabilities. There are some useful tips for exhibition booth design, hurry to see and create your beautiful exhibition booth.

  1. Creative and unique shape of exhibition booths

Everyone like creative things and pursuit the novel products, so it is important for you to have an exhibition booth with creative and unique shape. There are lots of creative exhibition booths which collected by Hawk Display and you can learn from them well.

  1. Reasonable spaces design

There is no doubt that a reasonable space design can attract visitors to stay at your exhibition booth more. In exhibition booth, enough entrance space design is necessary and the chatting and sitting space for customers is needed. In addition, it should also be considered how much space is required for products demos. Surely, thinking of the good effect of store area, a suitable store space design in exhibition booth is necessary.

  1. Simple color and graphic design

The color and graphic you choose for your exhibition booth can help you stand out, as well as convey your message. If the color of your exhibition booth is matched your company brand, it will be better and which can give professional and deep impression to visitors. Clear graphic or simple words design on exhibition booth is better and which can make your propaganda core of brand or products stand out.

  1. Decorative lighting design

Creative use of lighting can help draw focus to your exhibition booth. You can choose a lighted exhibition booth with colorful lights to creative a beautiful, inviting atmosphere that beckons attendees. You can also add some simple lighting products or attracted LCD media to decorative the exhibition booth and attracting visitors. And there are some good examples.

See more creative exhibition booth design, welcome to visit exhibition booth design pictures of Hawk Display.

Useful Tips for Attending Trade Show Exhibition at First Time


Attending an exhibition at first time? There are lots of skills you should follow and do them well to achieve a better result.

Before attending a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Choose the suitable trade show exhibition for your industry
  2. Choose the right site for your trade show booth, usually the booth at the door is better
  3. Book the hotel advanced if the exhibition place is long from your company
  4. Do a list for your exhibition, including products show list, personnel and material arrangements list for exhibition.
  5. Design an unique and attractive trade show booth
  6. Design your creative products
  7. Do propaganda well before attending an exhibition with social media
  8. Prepare small gifts or candy for visitors, which can express your friendly well.

During a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Training your staffs learn your products well and treat all visitors friendly
  2. Sales people wear neat cloth and its better to wear same cloth
  3. It’s better for sales people who are good at English.
  4. Demonstrate your novel products at scene.
  5. Write notes on your book with business cards, such as what products do they like or what information they need etc.
  6. Enter the booth on time or early and do not leave the booth in advanced

After a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Send emails to all trade show visitors and old customers for this exhibition or your products.
  2. Report your exhibition information in your web or PR platform
  3. Show your company picture in social platform
  4. Follow-up visitors as possible in twitter, facebook or linkedin
  5. Do remember to keep good communication with all visitors from now on

Exhilite, offer one-stop trade show display services

With creative technology and richness accumulated experience, Exhilite, one important brand of Hawk Display will be a good choose for your trade show exhibition, and which can offer one-stop trade show display services for you with 3 advantages.
Advantage 1: The support of world’s first ERP trade show design software
This trade show design software is professional in exhibition booth design, and can design all kinds of portable trade show booths quickly and easily. Due to its unique function on gathering information of trade show booth design, quotation and remain materials to build trade show display booths, it will be the best helper of exhibitors.
Advantage 2: Professional production on trade show display products
With years of professional production and tailoring experience, coupled with the support of many advanced machines, like imported 3-D bending machine, Korea high precision digital printers, Exhilite can offer all kinds of high quality portable trade show display products with vivid graphics.
Advantage 3: The support of Hawk Display’s global chain service.
With global network of Hawk Display in Germany, Canada, Australia, Dubai, USA, Hokong, you can enjoy our comprehensive dispatching service and installation service easily. At the same time, all Exhilite trade show products are durable due to all parts of Exhilite trade show display products is GM product, you can change any part of them easily.

Skills to A Wonderful Trade Show Booth Design

trade show booth design

It is not easy to gain a good result in a trade show,except having a wonderful trade show booth. And a good trade show booth always depend on a good design. But how to have a good design of trade show booth to make your booth stand?

There are three skills collected by Hawk Display, a professional advertising and exhibition display equipment manufacturer. And these tips are almost suitable for any trade show booth design.

Key 1: Eye-catching graphic design, including colors and message.

A good trade show booth designer will understand marketing principles and how to harmonize your message with your illustrative artwork, making the design visually appealing and effective. The color coordinated with the company is wonderful, surely, coordinated with the special theme is OK too.

Key 2: Design trade show booth space correctly.

Design trade show booth space correctly can help you attract more potential customers and expand business. If your trade show booth with enough space, the space for latest and popular products, for demo areas, for chatting and rest space etc is available. If you attend a trade show with little space, just focus on your top objectives, and make full use of them, because you don’t have room for all of them! But sometimes bigger is better. Having a big space can block out all other exhibitors.

Key 3: Make good use of lighting and TV

As we all know, light and TV have strong visual impact, which can attract people more, so don’t forget to use them to decorate your trade show booth. Surely, you can also use TV to display company’s strength, improving product fidelity and making customers have a good impression.