Large Selection of Portable Trade Show Booths


When attending an exhibition, there is no doubt that an eye catching & unique trade show booth will get more visitors. Compared with other materials, the tension fabric trade show booths with wrinkle resistant fabrics and portable aluminum tube frame are welcomed more.

And there is a large selection of portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can choose the suitable one according your taste based on shapes and functions of this kind of trade show booth. As a china leading professional supplier of trade show display products, Hawk Display can offer lots of portable trade show booths. And these are its main and hot sale portable tension fabric trade show booths. You can have a look and find the one you like best.

  1. Simple portable trade show boothPortable trade show booth1
  2. Portable trade show booth with archPortable trade show booth2
  3. Portable trade show booth with unique shapePortable trade show booth3

Tension Fabric Background Stand System


Exhilite band of Hawk Display is professional in tension fabric system design and manufacture. Especially in tension fabric background stand system.


Tension fabric background stand system offers many portable display stands with different shapes and sizes. Seamless graphic covered the framework to express a perfect exhibition display in trade-show. And whose appearance can be changed quickly and simply. At the same time, the whole frame can be constructed quickly without tools.


Exhilite also provides custom-made tension fabric background stand to suite your needs. With our professional designer and technical support, you can get your own perfect background stand. At the same time, we have imported 3-D bending machine and high precision digital printer (D’gen from Korea) supported, there is no doubt that the quality of tension fabric background stand is good.


Highlights of Hawk Display in January Exhibition in Iran

trade show booth

The 12th International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Related Industries will be held in Halls 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11- Tehran Permanent Fairground from 2-5 January 2016. As a new exhibitor in this exhibition, Hawk Display’s booth No is 144. And the following are trade show booth and trade show display products of Hawk Display! Come to see!

Exhilite Portable Trade Show Booth:

The trade show booth of Hawk Display is mainly composed of three tension fabric backdrops.
With three different designs on backdrop shapes, the whole booth can stand out the professional artwork of Hawk Display in aluminum tube frame and tension fabric display well. All trade show display backdrops are easy to install in minutes without tools.

Including fabric printing, the whole booth price is less than $680

Folding Trade Show Reception Desk 3D-99AS:

The most portable trade show reception desk in the world

More perfect to display with luxurious wooden panels

Optional shapes and sizes

The price is less then $120

Fabric LED Light box display:

Novel display with black aluminum frame

Size in 72x180cm

Changeable graphics, and easy to change graphics

High quality, durable

Price is less then $350, including the graphic

Tension fabric display stand:

Tension fabric, no fade and no wrinkle

Perfect artwork, good to display

Easy to install and carry

Aluminum tube frame, durable

Price is less then $200, including the graphic

Trade show display case YC-11-X12A with dual functions

Packaging as a trade show display case or display as a portable reception desk

Black color

Easy to be a trade show case or trade show display reception desk

Price is less then $100, including the graphic


Hawk Had a Perfect Ending in SIGN CHINA 2015


The SIGN CHINA 2015 had a perfect ending in Shanghai new international expo center on September 19th. As a leading tradeshow exhibition equipment manufacturer, Hawk Display attracted hundreds of visitors in its booth, including 40% foreigners. And most customers were fond of its new lift electric rotation hanging banner, hot sale folding reception desk 3D-99AS and mini scrolling roll up banner stands.

In this exhibition, Hawk Display took a live demonstration at scene, and which showed the unique function of folding reception desks well, such as it could install and package in second, easy to carry with matched handbag. So it attracted most visitors and even a custom bought it there. What’s more, the optional smooth desktop board and board with built-in aluminum Ipad case added the function of folding reception desk well and praised by some visitors.

Mini scrolling roll up banner, as one another patented and hot sale products. It became the focus of the eyes of many visitors again and some customers viewed it as a works of art in terms of its cute style as well as its small scrolling graphic. Some customers said that it was practical though small. And some showed further cooperation intentions in terms of it would be a good helper in shop, exhibition and any promotion activity.

As the biggest highlight in new products of Hawk Display, The lift electric rotation hanging banner were welcomed by lots of visitors. This hanging banner could be seen as a combination of tension hanging banner 3D-001 and the pole and base parts of advertising flag YC-6A. Seemingly with simple appearance, its function was rich, and which could avoid the harm and problem in installation progress.

The lift pole design, which make the install easily and exhibitors can custom the height; the rotation design, which can achieve information display in any direction comprehensively; the installation design without rope, which even can expand the application of hang banners. In exhibition time, some people admired Hawk Display with its creative ability after seeing this product. There was also a customer expressed its opinion that the top rotation design is wonderful, and it would be better if the square plastic base could be improved.

Besides of above trade show display products, there were also some other products love by part visitors, like light box, tension fabric display backgrounds etc.

Types of Trade Show Large Format Graphic Display

trade show large format display

In our advertising and exhibition industry, there are lots of trade show display products which can achieve large format graphic display. Among these trade show display products, the common portable trade show display products are pop up displays, hanging poster stands, roll up display banners and tension fabric trade show background display.

Large format graphic display by pop up display:

Pop up display is a typical large format graphic display products for exhibitors. It’s easy to carry and set up with folding frames. The graphic for pop up display are optional, you can choose tension fabric graphic or PVC graphic which is relatively complex to install graphic compared with former. And usually, the size of pop up display is large, as 3X3M, 3X4M, 3x5m, 4x5m, 4x6m and so on.

Large format graphic display by hanging poster frame:

The idea that “Using hanging poster frames to achieve large format graphic display” was mainly from Germany. The style and type of this large format graphic display is custom, you can display with straight or curved style in single or double sided type. There is almost no linked-seam of each PVC graphic panels due to the protection of magnetic bar between them and the perfect design on top and bottom of middle linked graphic panel. Usually, the height of this large format display is from 1.5m to 3m and the width is not more than 4m.

Large format graphic display by roll up display banners:

It is almost the most economical way to achieve large format graphic display by combination of roll up display banners. And it is easy to set up and carry with several handbags of roll up banners. Based on different construction design of roll up banners, there are different kinds of roll up banners to achieve large format graphic display. And the linked-seam is only 2-4mm, some even smaller.

Large format graphic display by tension fabric background display:

Tension fabric background display is mainly composed of aluminum tubes and tension fabric, the whole frame is lightweight and needn’t tools in whole installation progress. In recent years, with the pursue of lightweight and quick installation on advertising and exhibition display equipment, tension fabric background display as a large format graphic display is welcomed by exhibitors. Surely, with the vivid tension fabric graphic, it will show your brand or other information well.

Exhilite – Systemize-Simplified Exhibition Experience


As Hawk Display’s flag-ship brand series, Exhilite got a large booth in this 22nd Shanghai International Ad & Sign Expo, attracting lots of visitors in the four–day period. Systemize-Simplified exhibition Experience is our slogan and theme in this expo.

Exhilite booth

Many were curious about our latest TFTube Management software. In fact, it is a tool to help you design the exhibition booth you want and calculate the total pricing at the end. You can choose the standard products in the system and design by yourself. With this software and our global chain networks, you can contact your local office to order our products anywhere you want in a short time. We were showing this software with three computers and many were interested in the counters.

TFTube management software

Besides TFTube Management software, lots of customers took a lot of interest in our latest Ipad Kiosk display floor stands with security locks. 3D-200C, 3D-200D, 3D-IPAD120E and 3D-99CIPAD are different models of Ipad Kiosks with different functions. The model 3D-200C and 3D-200D contain both LCD screen and Ipad stands with synchronous screen displays. And 3D-99CIPAD is a reception desk with IPAD enclosure on the surface of the desk. As people are more used to IPADs and tablets, these models will become popular in the Exhibition display industry.

IPAD stand

Most of the products displayed in this booth are made of aluminum tube frames with tension fabric pillowcase graphics. Exhilite is a light-weight aluminum tube frame system. It offers a complete line of trade show display with numerous design models. We provide configuration flexibility with multifaceted components which facilitate different combinations and for future expansion. Washable tension fabrics pillowcase graphics slip over the frame structure to express a perfect display in trade-show.

To sum up, Exhilite had a successful show in this Shanghai Ad & Sign Expo. Many visitors plan to visit our factory after the show.

4 Must-Known Steps for Attending a Trade Show


As we all know, people prefer to do business face to face because conversation is direct for both salesmen and buyers. In addition, people will gain more useful information about products with the least money in the shortest time, so attending trade shows to expand business is still a common choice for most enterprises.


There is no doubt that attending a trade show is good for enterprises, but it is only useful when you make good use of it. If you do a thorough preparation before attending a trade show by checking out the following tips, you might have a good return.

First, prepare your trade show booth. You should choose a good location – the place around the door or corner is ideal. And then choose the suitable tension fabric trade show booth design with attractive styles, easy installation, and light weight and good stability. And design your logo to make your products and/or service stand out.

Second, prepare your trade show propaganda. One month before attending an exhibition, you should begin your propaganda. You can use PR platforms and official websites to publicize your exhibition news timely. You can also use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, blog etc to broadcast your messages. And send your exhibition mails to your customers and potential customers.

Third, prepare your staff for trade show booth. Train your staff in dressing, manners; Tell them to avoid eating and drinking in the booth; Always keep your staff in the exhibition booth. Allocate one staff in per 4 to 5 Sqm of space. Teach your staff to keep smiling and be enthusiastic to the visitors. And train your staff to well contact with foreign customers and make professional product introductions on the exhibition.

Finally, you should collect and organize the customer information after the trade show and send the thank-you e-mails to all visitors and keeping in touch with them.