Which Lighted Trade Show Reception Desk Would You Like Better?


Recently, Hawk Display launched two kinds of lighted trade show reception desks, one is trade show reception desk with folding frame, and the other one is trade show reception desk with pop up stand. Which one would you like better?

1.  Lighted reception desk with folding frame

This lighted trade show reception desk is a combination of folding trade show counter 3D-99GS and led. In terms of folding frame and the unique light design on the top and bottom panel, you can use this lighted trade show reception desk quickly with no installation. At the same time, it is portable and lightweight to carry the reception desk with matched black bag.

2.  Lighted reception desk with pop up stand

This lighted trade show reception desk is a combination of SEG pop up reception desk and LED curtains. The SEG pop up reception desk is a combination of pop up stand, wood panel and fabric. At the same time, you should install the LED curtain by your self, so it will cost you some time to install the whole frame. But the whole reception desk is stable and durable.

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Hawk Had a Perfect Ending in SIGN CHINA 2015


The SIGN CHINA 2015 had a perfect ending in Shanghai new international expo center on September 19th. As a leading tradeshow exhibition equipment manufacturer, Hawk Display attracted hundreds of visitors in its booth, including 40% foreigners. And most customers were fond of its new lift electric rotation hanging banner, hot sale folding reception desk 3D-99AS and mini scrolling roll up banner stands.

In this exhibition, Hawk Display took a live demonstration at scene, and which showed the unique function of folding reception desks well, such as it could install and package in second, easy to carry with matched handbag. So it attracted most visitors and even a custom bought it there. What’s more, the optional smooth desktop board and board with built-in aluminum Ipad case added the function of folding reception desk well and praised by some visitors.

Mini scrolling roll up banner, as one another patented and hot sale products. It became the focus of the eyes of many visitors again and some customers viewed it as a works of art in terms of its cute style as well as its small scrolling graphic. Some customers said that it was practical though small. And some showed further cooperation intentions in terms of it would be a good helper in shop, exhibition and any promotion activity.

As the biggest highlight in new products of Hawk Display, The lift electric rotation hanging banner were welcomed by lots of visitors. This hanging banner could be seen as a combination of tension hanging banner 3D-001 and the pole and base parts of advertising flag YC-6A. Seemingly with simple appearance, its function was rich, and which could avoid the harm and problem in installation progress.

The lift pole design, which make the install easily and exhibitors can custom the height; the rotation design, which can achieve information display in any direction comprehensively; the installation design without rope, which even can expand the application of hang banners. In exhibition time, some people admired Hawk Display with its creative ability after seeing this product. There was also a customer expressed its opinion that the top rotation design is wonderful, and it would be better if the square plastic base could be improved.

Besides of above trade show display products, there were also some other products love by part visitors, like light box, tension fabric display backgrounds etc.

No Install, this is Tension Fabric Counter 3D-99AS

tension fabric display counter

Will attend an exhibition? Plan a promotion activity? If yes, there is no doubt that you can choose Exhilite tension fabric counter 3D-99AS. It is absolutely your good choice due to it’s the most convenient trade show tension fabric display counter in the word.

It is not an accident of the birth of tension fabric counter 3D-99AS. As we all know, with the rapid development of our society, there is no doubt that more and more people pursuit convenient things and enjoy the comfort feels that convenient product brings. And there is no exception for exhibition and advertising industry, so tension fabric counter 3D-99AS no need tools to install is out. Surely, this can not do without the efforts of professional designers from Exhilite.

Now, tension fabric display counter 3D-99AS is a patented trade show counter of Hawk Display, and which can be viewed as the most convenient trade show counter in the world in terms of its folding frame design. When you need trade show counter, just open matched black handbag and take the fabric display counter which in a folding state out. Then you can get your needed trade show tension fabric counter easily by pulling the upper panel of fabric display counter lightly. When the exhibition or activity was end, you just need to press the upper panel with some strength, and after that, it will enter the original state. You can put this small piece to the handbag and take it away. It will cost you less than seconds during the whole progress.

At the same time, with modern look and back zip design, this trade show fabric display counter can show your brand well and store some small things well.

Tension fabric display counter 3D-99AS was invented by Hawk Display in 2014. And it welcomed by lots of customers in a series of trade show exhibitions of Hawk Display. In addition, this trade show fabric display counter will be show in SIGN CHINA 2015. If you are interested in it, just don’t miss Hawk Display in this September.

Hot Trade Show Counter with Built-in Ipad Holder

Trade show counter

This trade show counter with built-in Ipad holder 3D-99CIPAD from Hawk Display is a good addition to trade show booths & promotion activities! With the help of this trade show display counter, you can attract potential customers, clients and patrons more possible.

Besides the common features of all trade show counters, like providing a show area of company brochures and offering an interaction area between you and visitors, this trade show counter has its unique advantages.

This trade show display counter is security to display your Ipad with a lockable aluminum Ipad holder frame, so that you can use it conveniently. And under the support of Ipad, you can easily carry on your marketing or promotions plan if you are in a trade show. Surely, you can also find useful information and knowledge about your lesson quickly and easily if you are in a training room.

With custom-printed artwork, a unique or eye-catching graphic on this portable trade show display will show your products or services perfectly. Due to its unique structure of high quality aluminum tube frame and washable yet changeable graphic, it is lightweight and can be break down easily into small pieces so that you can carry and take it easily. And there is no doubt that it is durable and reusable too. At the same time, with the back zipper design, it will be convenient for you with small inside storage area.

More information of this trade show counter 3D-99CIPAD, click trade show display reception desk.