Hawk Had a Perfect Ending in SIGN CHINA 2015


The SIGN CHINA 2015 had a perfect ending in Shanghai new international expo center on September 19th. As a leading tradeshow exhibition equipment manufacturer, Hawk Display attracted hundreds of visitors in its booth, including 40% foreigners. And most customers were fond of its new lift electric rotation hanging banner, hot sale folding reception desk 3D-99AS and mini scrolling roll up banner stands.

In this exhibition, Hawk Display took a live demonstration at scene, and which showed the unique function of folding reception desks well, such as it could install and package in second, easy to carry with matched handbag. So it attracted most visitors and even a custom bought it there. What’s more, the optional smooth desktop board and board with built-in aluminum Ipad case added the function of folding reception desk well and praised by some visitors.

Mini scrolling roll up banner, as one another patented and hot sale products. It became the focus of the eyes of many visitors again and some customers viewed it as a works of art in terms of its cute style as well as its small scrolling graphic. Some customers said that it was practical though small. And some showed further cooperation intentions in terms of it would be a good helper in shop, exhibition and any promotion activity.

As the biggest highlight in new products of Hawk Display, The lift electric rotation hanging banner were welcomed by lots of visitors. This hanging banner could be seen as a combination of tension hanging banner 3D-001 and the pole and base parts of advertising flag YC-6A. Seemingly with simple appearance, its function was rich, and which could avoid the harm and problem in installation progress.

The lift pole design, which make the install easily and exhibitors can custom the height; the rotation design, which can achieve information display in any direction comprehensively; the installation design without rope, which even can expand the application of hang banners. In exhibition time, some people admired Hawk Display with its creative ability after seeing this product. There was also a customer expressed its opinion that the top rotation design is wonderful, and it would be better if the square plastic base could be improved.

Besides of above trade show display products, there were also some other products love by part visitors, like light box, tension fabric display backgrounds etc.


Useful Tips for Attending Trade Show Exhibition at First Time


Attending an exhibition at first time? There are lots of skills you should follow and do them well to achieve a better result.

Before attending a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Choose the suitable trade show exhibition for your industry
  2. Choose the right site for your trade show booth, usually the booth at the door is better
  3. Book the hotel advanced if the exhibition place is long from your company
  4. Do a list for your exhibition, including products show list, personnel and material arrangements list for exhibition.
  5. Design an unique and attractive trade show booth
  6. Design your creative products
  7. Do propaganda well before attending an exhibition with social media
  8. Prepare small gifts or candy for visitors, which can express your friendly well.

During a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Training your staffs learn your products well and treat all visitors friendly
  2. Sales people wear neat cloth and its better to wear same cloth
  3. It’s better for sales people who are good at English.
  4. Demonstrate your novel products at scene.
  5. Write notes on your book with business cards, such as what products do they like or what information they need etc.
  6. Enter the booth on time or early and do not leave the booth in advanced

After a trade show exhibition, you should do these works well:

  1. Send emails to all trade show visitors and old customers for this exhibition or your products.
  2. Report your exhibition information in your web or PR platform
  3. Show your company picture in social platform
  4. Follow-up visitors as possible in twitter, facebook or linkedin
  5. Do remember to keep good communication with all visitors from now on